About Us

Pate Bonding, Inc. is a family-owned surety bond agency that has been around for over 30 years and specializes in construction surety bonds. We are a bond-only agency because insurance and bonds are different risks, and we strongly believe that they should be handled by separate experts. As one of the few family-owned agencies remaining in the industry, you can rely on our values and independence to do what is best for your company and create a long-lasting relationship that will benefit your company.

Specialization is a fundamental part of our success and has proven to be an effective approach to providing tailored services. Our size and scale provides us with advantages over the competition, allowing us to act as a strategic partner to your business.

There has been an unfortunate trend in the industry to rely on algorithms and credit based models instead of a company’s history and experience. This is why it is more important than ever to work with a specialized bonding agent who knows how to work with underwriters to get beyond just the numbers and refocus on the relationships.

If bonding plays a valuable role to your business, you want more out of an agent than just passing along data you will appreciate the opportunity to work with a relationship-based agents at Pate Bonding Inc.

Our History

Pate Bonding, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Jon Pate who saw the need for a trusted, family-owned, agency in the industry.  Through hard work, determination, and a passion for serving customers, Jon built Pate Bonding into one of the most successful and respected surety bond agencies in the construction industry.

Jon’s legacy was built on trust, reliability, and a customer-first approach. He believed in forging strong relationships with his clients and always going the extra mile to ensure their success. He viewed his client relationships as a partnership, with a vested interest in the progress and prosperity of each contractor. Under Jon’s leadership, Pate Bonding became known for its exceptional service, expertise, and integrity.

In 2021, Jon passed away, leaving behind a successful company and a team of dedicated employees. Jon had previously turned over day-to-day responsibilities of the business to the agency’s co-owners, Zach and Troy. Today the executive team of Zach Pate, Jon’s son, and Troy Staples are determined to uphold Jon’s legacy.

Zach and Troy share Jon’s values and vision for the company and continue to build on his foundation and expand the business while maintaining the same level of customer service that Pate Bonding is known for. With their leadership, Pate Bonding has continued to thrive as a trusted partner for businesses in a wide variety of industries needing surety services.

Today, Pate Bonding remains one of the leading surety bond agencies in the industry, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our entire team continuing Jon’s vision.

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We are committed to excellence and look forward to working with your company.